Writing is all that’s left….

It’s 4:15 am, I hit the snooze button hard for the third time,procrastination seems to be my first action of the day, I’m up, it’s sahoor, well, I don’t feel like eating but since it’s sunnah I drag myself to the kitchen make a hot cup of tea(half glass to be precise). With my homemade mandazi from mama, I’m good with four pieces.It’s time for a new routine, cardio exercise for 20minutes,thanks to the internet I don’t have to join the gym to stay fit

I can’t sleep now that fajr prayer is an hour away, what to do with this extra time?; pick up a pen and put my thoughts into words?, watch a movie to clear my mind?, I stick to the latter and being my nostalgic self, I go for basketball ball diaries,not a bad choice with Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg as the lead cast.Few minutes into the movie and my mind isn’t there, I pick up my phone,scroll through different apps, Instagram-boring, mail online-gone through every article, Snapchat-no no, WhatsApp-no one is online, Facebook-no way, then I opt for Tumblr which has been dormant for a year or two, I scroll down to my old posts,Primal PrimaAbracadabra !!, It hits me!!! My peace comes from writing, should I get back into this? How about people bringing their own stuff into it, well, “let’s do this mou !!!”, a little voice shouts in my head.

Since there’s an app for everything,I decide to download some grammar app, bet I won’t  use it, haha, we laugh with the small voice. That should be my first step. At this point I’m making progress, “Moulid you have to take this seriously”, the little voice whispers again.

Midway through, I pause the app download then hit resume then pause,this goes on for a few seconds, “why should you mind about your lingua?!”, the small voice asks again, just save it for another day I convince myself.

So my mind runs back in time,what’s in writing and calming my anxieties?, the jitters and butterflies that comes from it,being alive?, frankly,when all that’s left is writing, is writing all that’s left??

Here’s a small reason why I surrendered and decided to go into writing,a small journey 

Midway and not my starting point,

It’s June 2007, half past eight on a Monday night,it’s dead silent in the room,bodies like zombies with their heads lowered studying hard. I can’t focus on my books, I look around to see if the teacher on duty might be stalking us behind the windows, but my eyes fall on this interesting lizard on the wall busy hunting houseflies, after watching its slick moves and tactics for a while, I decide to give it a name, van dame with a single ‘m’ out of respect for the greatest actor of all time. I flip to the middle of my excise book put down what I’ve just observed.

It’s 10 minutes before the night prep ends, I’m at the front desk and the zombies all  shuffle to face me, I’m a bit hesitant at first but what’s there to lose? let me entertain this bunch of dead souls and bring them back to life. One page down,the class is alive loving every word, there’s a new sheriff in town and everyone is laughing at the end of my second page.They now take note of the lizard, a new addition to our notorious class, they want more so I promise it’d be a regular thing, even the class prefect chips in, who would have guessed given that he was my biggest foe 😂 

This goes on and by word of mouth van dame’s story is spread to the other classes, few of the students from those streams join us for the last ten minutes of each prep every night, some on the window just to be entertained.Two weeks later on a Monday morning the famous reptile is lying dead on the front desk, it’s head smashed. There’s silence and a gloomy atmosphere in the classroom throughout the day,even the class teacher is notified. The killer gets away with the murder but van dame is a hero now even more than ever.

Fast forward to a year later I win Mr. Kangaru contest,equivalent to the school captain. Thanks to one Mr.Okwacho,My duties – attend every school function for any given club, write anything that goes on and the story be read to the whole school during assemblies every given Friday morning. The feeling is just out of this world, the popularity that comes with the title, the joy seeing smile and laughter on students and teachers faces. My audience has just increased!!!. This goes on for a while and they still cant get enough…..

Out in the wild world, my first job, every evening after work,put down my thoughts on a piece of paper,everything encountered. I share some on social media, the selected few with some close friends. I start a personal blog but they never tell you how hard it is trying to write for these  audience, with everyone being a critic out there, it doesn’t stop me anyway, “stick to the illusion” the little voice hasn’t left me.With a good Instagram following I share the stories but it’s hectic keeping up.I decide to shift to the new trend, making memes and vines but the latter is time consuming so I remove it from my list to focus more on my work.

June 2nd 2017, Friday morning, I realize my purpose is here,connecting the world through writing. “There’s an audience out there that needs a smile everyday, why not make the world your classroom audience?what are you waiting for?, pick up that pen , put everything down”, the small voice is back but this time with much optimism and a stance. I have no option but to listen to it. I give the small voice a name, he’s ok with “mo jr“. 

Writing, I realize gives me life. Its like I’m breathing,watching the sun set, or the unending pleasant smell of soil after it rains hitting me. Well, you get the picture…..

You’ll be hearing from us often 🙏🏼


16 thoughts on “Writing is all that’s left….

  1. Master piece from our finest. The flash back and flash forward creates an addiction to read and indulge more. Keep doing what ypu do best Mou

    1. Surpriz surpriz…I dint know u had it u brother, i think u can realy do more with that talent…

  2. The good old days bro! Nice piece there ninja,keep on writing hope to see you ‘guys’ soon.

  3. The Life of Moulid Ahmed, Interesting MashaAllah.
    The next one more with the flashbacks;We get to experience how life was with young Moulid🤗.
    Cant wait 🙌

  4. Very nice piece. Funny how our dreams keep on dying as we struggle to keep up with the Joneses. You know what Tupac said, Death is not the greatest loss in life . The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive . Never surrender. #BringbackVandame

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