Read me like a book & someday I’ll keep you….

Can you remember a period in your life when, if you look back on it now, time seemed to stretch on forever? When a week seemed like four, or an hour seemed like it went on for days? What were you doing during that period?Chances are, you were probably doing something (or a whole bunch of somethings) that was brand new to you and demanded your attention. The funny thing is, by focusing on what you were doing, you actually slowed down time (or how your brain perceived that time, anyway).

My week just felt like a month, every second was just worth it.

A small break from everything was needed, from the daily routine and normalcy. The only regret being that I couldn’t hold a pen or let mo jnr do the talking.

I had different plans when I was taking my leave a week earlier; protect my energy, write, write, write and solitude, not even Susan Miller was to be let in.

One of the best things happened. Family and old friends chipped in, unplanned. The best of the plans is those unplanned.

Mama Salma and Mama Nadia were in town. It being the first time for mama Salma, I had to ensure she got the perfect experience. The trips to fort Jesus, getting things off my bucket list on the way as well. I’ve been in Mombasa for three years now but in the ocean only once.

The best I could do for Masalma was to put everything on hold and be with her, it was more of a payback since she’d tease me “wewe unajua nilikuwa nakubeba ukiwa mtoto.” (I used to carry you on my back when you were a kid)

My good friend Shote was also around with his beautiful wife, by now you know nothing cheers me up more than some good nostalgic moments and some depressing music. The way I see it, these songs aren’t about the depression and down times, but more looking at the happier times from a place of darkness. And if you’re in a dark room and someone shines a torch in your eyes it seems pretty frickin’ bright. Shine a torch in your eyes in daylight and you won’t bat an eyelid. For me the same rule applies with this sort of melancholy music. This time it was the nostalgic moments, a good catch up on the crocodile farm, the stupid stuffs we used to do back in high school among other throwback stuffs that I won’t talk about here.

This, I decided should be a regular thing, even to you (you should try it). The crazy part being we spent an entire day in the ocean (sunscreens for who), the sunburns were real my friend. Usually I’d go to the beach just to watch the horizon and dispose all my thoughts there, this time  the horizon was on me, I was a human fish, setting a new record, hoping it will stand for a while.

Fast forward to three days later, the partner in crime Aftarari Mr. calls, he’s in town, we have to catch up, what normally happens when he’s around; milking cows and drinking it straight without boiling. (don’t read in between the lines)

We meet up at 7pm and the first act in “ukora kama kawaida” (same old stuff), again I won’t mention it, Bonaya knows it well. There’s a surprise addition at our table, the beautiful miss Dhirre. The norm, nostalgia, throwback memories. It’s as good as it gets, the ratchetness, an Uber driver story for another day. We decide to link up the next day at our favorite porridge joint. The usual cups of porridge a good talk, I introduce these two to Susan miller (Missus  Miller wasn’t to be allowed in during my short break,can’t just manage to resist her). 

The effect is the same, they are also blown away, we just get in sync with each other, it’s amazing how the simplest of things  being ignored can bring people so close. Well you go and check her out here

They’re finalizing their stay and so we decide to go on a World Cup tour, not your girl’s tour (drakes voice) 

It’s just refreshing, with all this positive energy in such a short period of time and the difference it can make. Surround yourself with like-minded people, and watch your energy blossom.

(This was just a short explanation for not writing since I told you it’s all that’s left. July just kicked on some sky-high note, the new moon and its energies. 

A small apology to you my favorite reader and to my co-pilot Sir Alan Githinji for going dark on you. 

A big thank you to those who reached out asking about the silence.)

*Words go around, the world goes in a round, life goes on and mou rites.*


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  1. Milking cows and drinking it straight without boiling 😂 I most definitely read it between the lines but not sure what it means 🤔

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