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“The world isn’t over yet…We’ve still got a chance to place our bets…. Before we lose everything, we have tomorrow…. Can we forget what went wrong yesterday?

This is one of my favorite go to song whenever I’m feeling blue. In my previous post I told you how I deal with these moments.

Today I want to focus on another different subject. Challenges and how we perceive them.
We all face challenges and restraints, reality is that we can’t have everything we want, as human beings we’re inherently imperfect. We should learn to deal with what is at our disposal, calamities can be a blessing in disguise.

Here’s one of my favorite stories that I thought you should read.

Sometimes you’re struck by a calamity and you dont know how to deal with. This calamity might be good for you in the long run.

An old man went to make a report at a police station. He tells his story. He has seven blind kids and he has been looking for means for them to get their eyesight back. 

He is told that there is a skilled doctor in another city but he would need quite an amount of money in order for the operation to be done.
It takes him a while to raise this sum through fundraising and small jobs in the streets.
One morning as he was planning to take his kids for the operation something happens. Leaving the money in a borrowed car, he enters the house to pick up the kids, coming out the car is nowhere to be found. No money no car and worst of it all this means no treatment for the kids. (You can imagine how this felt.)

The officer at the reception tries to offer him some encouraging words, telling him that this moment might be a blessing in disguise, but the old man doesn’t put that much thought into his words and he leaves the station.

A few days later the old man receives a call from the police officer. He has some good news that he wants to share. The old man also has his good news. The officer notifies him that the car was found abandoned in some desert and the money intact. This they found was just taken by some reckless kids who just went for a ride and when the car ran out of fuel they left it behind.

The old man goes on with his part, he tells the officer that a few days after the car incident, one morning all his kids woke up with their sights back.

Now imagine what would have happened if he took the kids to the specialist, the outcome wouldn’t have been the same given that it was a risk and a 50/50 chance for the kids to have their sights back through operation.

This is a true story. All I’m trying to put forward here is that whenever something befalls you, that which you don’t understand, a tough situation, you just have to hold on and believe in his plans.

Hang in there buddy. All will be well, believe in his timing and do you, the best you can. 

*Blessed. The world is yours.*


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