Why is the weed growing on your sleeve? Why is there grass on your spoon? Why is a tree growing on your doorstep? Why are there bags under your eyes?


“Moulidy why have you stopped writing?”

“I haven’t stopped writing,I just don’t post it as much as I used to. I write for myself ”

Someone I look up to when it comes to writing just told me this words. She was a good writer, she still is a good writer. You should get to read her work. But her words will leave you on the edge of a cliff, wanting more. I tried my best to convince her to get back into writing, again, this were here words  “I’m my own audience, I write for myself”. 

Trust me I’ll go out of my way and eat meat to see her work again, Sigh. 

Anyway, this isn’t about her. This is about my first paragraph. The weed, that big tree, those bags, the grass and that big cloud blocking your view, obstructing each single ray coming your way. 

They say every cloud has a silver lining, why not open your eyes and see through it. The grass growing shouldn’t stop you from polishing that spoon, who knows it might be a silver spoon. Why not chop down that tree and make a door of opportunity. Why let the weed grow on your sleeve while it’s your heart that’s supposed to be there.

This one’s for your soul. You think you have too much darkness in your world praying for light, forgetting that there are stars above you. Open your eyes, don’t just carry those bags down there. Light will come when it’s intended to. When the time is right. Right now just enjoy the view while you can. The stars won’t be there forever. Squeeze away those thoughts.

What do you call a cold hotdog? I just read this in the morning and I couldn’t stop laughing. 

Some things will never lose their identity no matter the situation. Stay on your path, don’t try drift away into the unknown.

What do you call a frozen watermelon? 

All I’m trying to say is enjoy each moment of your life, the ups and downs and the in betweens. You’re a universe. The world is a part of you and not the other way round.

I just had one too many cups of coffee today, my colleague told me it’s international coffee day (who comes up with these things) we just couldn’t stop ourselves. I had to pick up a pen and put some life into these words during my lunch break session, doing this I had to forego biriani which is a Friday norm here in Mombasa. (Ukikula something else apart from biriani on a Friday Boss unachekwa)

Let these words put some air into your world in return.

If you get to know my friend just tell her to go back into sharing her work with the world. The universe needs it. I promise you’ll love her work. And to you my friend if you’re reading this,(I wish I could post a link of your work here on this piece of paper,Sigh) Just get back here and share your work, for the hundredth time asking.

Hey you universe. Wake up . Get that pruning saw, trim down those weeds, mow the grass, get an axe chop down that tree already or make a ladder out of its branch and enjoy its fruits. Put on some shades in the darkness stand under that cloud and enjoy the rain. The sun will rise tomorrow and you’ll love the rainbow. Just look at the stars, pluck an orange from that tree paint it blue and confuse the world. You’re the world . Be good do good.

**Title inspired by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s story**



  1. Nice work
    Creative- I like it
    Timely, thumbs up
    You good
    You write to involve audience feelings, a nice deed. Keep it up

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