The Zodiac Disposition 

So we’re having a chitchat over lunch break  with my colleague Mr Mutai, a very awkward topic pops up, on guys having a sign to show that they share the same responsibilities with their better halves,  when it comes to pregnancy. Denno argues that it’d be fair to the ladies if guys had something say a “nundu” (hump) on their backs for a period of five months, I suggest a hallow on their heads during this time, you get the picture .. haha. Anyway the article isn’t about this topic again nor the sumptuous looking meal below 😋.

To those of you who know me by now know about my obsession with the zodiac. Lets say I just do it for fun when bored. But I went a step ahead and enrolled for some online classes. Took a step even further and started studying the natal charts when I met some Leo lady along my way. Most of the time I’d characterize people based on their signs and today I’ll talk about the ladies I’ve dated based on their zodiac personas. 

*They’re all amazing in their own ways and these are just my views*




The twins. I call her the ticking time bomb, the loud one, the wild one etc. This one has a lot of names, I can’t name them all. Twin personality, very confusing, one moment you think you know and the next 🤦🏽‍♂️. I never knew much about this lady. She could easily blend with everything she came across, a social butterfly she was and everyday she was a different person. Let’s just say she was a hurricane compared to my jet-stream steadiness personality. While I was trying to find balance in everything she was there doing her best to tip off the scales, on whichever side she deemed fun. But you all know what happens when there’s no equilibrium, I hope one day I’ll be able to understand and see the other side of your teachings. Be good.



This one wrote the book of love, still writing that book of love and emotions. The most caring highly motivated individual I’ve come across. She breaths love, speaks love, and sees love in everything. This one pushes me around, very fluid in her emotions. Her crab like nature always going with the tides and does little to affect the scales. She brings balance given her impeccable intuition and really a big fan of the indoors( a plus plus ) though at times she comes forward as hysterical and needs enough emotional security in her life. Well 🤷🏽‍♂️ there’s nothing much to say about you right now.



The lioness. What can I say about this one? All that glitters, her cup of tea. This one would spend an hour in the bathroom (sorry it was really annoying) so I had to ensure I’d be the first to hit the shower every morning not to be late for work. She’d take an extra 30 minutes for selfies ( I’m not complaining ) and she had all the cosmetics you never heard off (Sigh). The good thing is that whenever she stepped outside she’d catch everyone’s attention wherever she went.

Attention! Deny her this and you’ve suffocated and denied her the world mate. Something that led to our ship hitting the iceberg. This one night out I couldn’t let her take selfies with my phone and my brother you guess what happened next. She was the life of the party, the night life was her scene. Zumbalela, her energy when it came to the outdoors was second to none. Her adventurous side was always there tipping over the scales. Good thing you made me go back to reading and writing. Be good. Just settle down with one person for now.



Hmmmmmmm!!! Very unpredictable, always ready to fly off the handle at any given time. But this one is a magician. An intelligent ram she is. Intellectually we’d get along perfectly, always laughing at people’s grammar mistakes. She was very feisty and mind bending, very quick to anger and to her everything was a debate in which she had to come out as a winner. I found myself treading careful with this one and it really did tip off my scale. Always focused in the intricate details and  passionate about every little thing that she termed “cute”.

Sometimes I wish she could slow down so I’d catch up with her ramyfied pace. Always after the ultimate pleasure in life and very temperamental. Just slow down and pick up the 📌, a Brother destroyed his whole haystack to get it. Sigh. 🤦🏽‍♂️ 



Harshly critical. Harshly critical. Harshly critical. Perfectionist in everything. Very reserved and sometimes I used to think she had no emotions at all, Sigh.

This lady flew from Arusha to Mombasa to drag me out of a Sauti-Sol concert at midnight. Huyu hataki mchezo wallahy. Very opinionated which led to the tip off the scales, something I never told her.

But the best thing about her was her reliability when it came to talking, she was always there for her friends and family( a plus plus in a libras world ).

But the Virgo is always a Virgo . My advice lighten up kidogo sometime the world isn’t conspiring against you. Put some of that pure energy into good use.

The scales are there, well balanced. Aquarius, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Libra, Capricorn, Taurus oi oi …. who knows, seven more to go, haha. Let’s see where the tides get me. 🤷🏽‍♂️😅.

In all honesty though, I’m getting to learn things along the way. Be good do good. Feel free to write my story 😁.

Disclaimer; If the hats fit 🤷🏽‍♂️




*l’histoire de ma vie. ( via G-translate )*



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