Trying to relate….. I like you…..

I like you but I don’t like the world you live in. I don’t like you but I like how your world feels. Yes, people in their twenties where this statement applies well. 

Friday evening, I’m outside the house reading as I wait for dinner, my neighbor is making enchilada and I wouldn’t miss it for a thing in the world. (told you I’m a serious foodie). My phone rings. Mrembo x is in town, (by x I don’t mean my ex girlfriend, it’s a pseudonym for this article). She tells me she wants to link up as she’s in town only for the night, tricky tricky situation, I’ll have to forego the dinner. What to do? I agree to pick her up in an hour. I notify my neighbor that I won’t be in for dinner and she’s shocked as well 😂. I just tell her to save me some for later.

Fifty minutes later I’m at this girl’s address picking her up. (The thing is we have never met before. Just friends, we’ve been exchanging books from Nairobi to Mombasa ). Out comes a beautiful young lady nicely dressed and with a big smile worn on her face. “Hello I’m x, nice to finally meet you Moulidy.” Off we go. Destination English point Marina.

 I’m casually dressed in a grey oversized tee, a short and slippers. On the other hand she’s fully dressed for a prom night. I didn’t get the full memo it seems. I thought it was just another night. We place our orders. She wants the best wine in the house. I just get myself a simple cocktail. Five minutes later the waiter is at our table with the order. Pours the wine nicely, sticks around for another five minutes which seemed like eternity offering his expert opinion on the different types of wines, how to tell a good one, blah blah…..

We have the most shallow of conversations talking deep stuff with no sense and just laughing uncontrollably. Sigh. Food comes but she only takes a bite and she’s full. This is interesting now. I ask the waiter to pack it up for a takeaway. Another thirty minutes of blank conversation and our uber guy is outside waiting. I drop her off at her place with nothing but enchilada on my head.

I get home feast on my enchilada and forget about the night #ntgif (not thanking god it was Friday). 

Well this is just another story of my twenties. I don’t know her story and I don’t want to be rude but I think people should hold down into their own. What are we normally upto. I have flirted with Mrembo X for quite sometime online, had those imaginary babies during the “baby making weather.” Declaring her love. I just wanted the books. Maybe she wanted something, maybe she wanted my books, maybe my world. I don’t know. She hit me up days later saying she had the best time. Well, okeiy.

Imagine the world where we are all concerned with what people think of us and if they like us and how much better we feel when they do love us and how we don’t want to have to actually be in our bodies but rather parade them around looking perfect.

Oh wait. Right.

We live in the world. You and me and all the other pots calling the kettles black.

We get to create what the experience is like for ourselves.

We live in the world. There’s not much we can do to change that fact except not live in the world and that choice seems grim. We live in the world and we live in our bodies and the capacity to love is great. It’s so great that we don’t even have to do anything about it except acknowledge it and ask it to sit down for a glass of wine.It has a dog’s nose and can smell shit a mile away so don’t worry about that.

Hold down into your own. Be good.


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