Waffles and honey… The Cheat-codes to Happiness

“Morini wangu, najisikia na ile ii ile mende”.

Somewhere back in 1995, pre school. Ibrahim has just ripped one of those melody singing robots (can’t seem to find its name) from one of the cards and he has carried it to school. Back then you had this, and you were ‘the man’.

Break time and the robot is singing melodiously as Ibrahim tries his best to hide it, this time we’re doing the above song that’s to be dedicated to one of our crush who’s a class above us. A light skin lady, legs so straight like the bamboo,super sleek with no blemishes, her face I can’t describe well up to this day,Sigh. Cindy Crawford comes close. We rehearse this song for a week and during each break session we’d try to approach our lady morini who never even bothered throwing a glance our way.

Two weeks down the line, I get transferred to another school but the hymn still playing in my head. Guess morini will never hear it,even in her dreams. I don’t know if Ibrahim made the move that day but all I know is that I let Love slip through my tiny hands, and the first love song I ever composed went down the drain.

Twenty two years later, still trying to figure out how a candle lit the sun, with the clouds that had covered everything. The sources that I tried all this while ever since the moon left with my shine.

I’ve been watching this candle from the sky all along,just looking at it lighting other sources , wax dripping off it but holding itself up each time.

Not until I left my dark clouds to talk to the candle did I get my rays back shining. The candle with its small flame did magic that day.

“There’s a girl living in my neighborhood……. Two souls where a river meets an ocean somewhere on a quiet beach freestyling to this John Holt’s song, “when she walks…… “love love love” another song pops up midway…

Cheat codes, you know those cheat codes in games where you can pull off and do special skills,well that you can do too in real life. I realized cheat codes is speaking your heart out, not holding anything back, turning a blind eye, deaf ears to anything that will try compromise your shine. Not sending your light to the wrong objects. Look for a source, shine your light upon it, if it doesn’t boomerang you’ re allowed to look for a different source. Ok this is not science 🤦🏽‍♂️.

The other day I played the mice when all she wanted was a camel, hump hump we pulled it off, everyday gets better. Life’s too short to not speak your heart, sing that worse tune in your head. Speak that gibberish language, make those stupid dance moves, count the stars because there’s someone who’ll understand it at the end.

I don’t understand this article but all I know is that a fish and a bird can fall in love, where they eat and live is up to them. I’m just a city mice leaving on a sandy beach in love with a crab and you bet we’ ll fish and live on it.

Be good.

Morini is Maureen….

By now you’ve all met Superstar… and now that I’ve met my solitude it’s time to protect it.
e’re all a little weird, and life’s a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”Dr.Seus


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