Unravel… This way? That way?

Ever sat down and question your purpose in this universe, like where you’re headed, every step of your journey, if things are taking shape and all that?

I’ve been trying to figure this for quite some time now. I never got the chance to tell you about my second tragic accident, how I survived it, only He knows. I believe there’s a reason to it, this not being the first time I cheated on death, you know about my first accident.

Ever felt like you’re an instrument, in an experiment of some sort? Reason you come across certain people in life and how you influence their behavior vice versa? Ever felt like you’re Frank from sausage party or some character in a movie given that if a book or show was based on your life it’d be a bestseller?

I try finding the most exhilarating event of my life either through people and through the journey of whom I’m meant to be.

Who’s even sure of what they’re supposed to become? Sometimes we hide, pretend and we keep ourselves busy trying to distract our minds but we can never ignore that voice calling inside us. A voice that is only distinctively meant for us.

Most of the the times we crave aliveness and fulfillment in people and in the process we find ourselves wasting energy and heartache continually chasing the things that will fill us up.

We’re the ones in charge of our destiny by the choices we make each day. This one time I lost my identity through social media, something I never talked about only to realize it can destroy someone if not carefully managed. I’ll talk about this in my next piece.

Surrounding ourselves with the things we love and engaging in desired activities really has an effect.

There’s nothing better than kickstarting each day with the ability to fully express yourself and inspire those around you. In doing so setting values for yourself and honoring them. Stand for something and let it push you daily. Through this you’ll get rid of the mediocre, the ordinary, people’s expectations and opinions.

You’re allowed to be a badass once in a while, you don’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea, or going with the programmed theme of society with misguided teachings and mindsets that will push you off track .

I try orienting my life to what excites me and looking for adventure that I feel calls from within.

The next hour isn’t guaranteed, leave alone tomorrow. Set yourself out and go knocking down each boundary you’ve created and help others along the way find their potential.

Ask yourself what’s stopping you from being happy and work on getting rid of it. Remember everything you come across and going through is preparing you for something big, let every lesson be worth it and don’t forget to be grateful. And pray and pray and pray.

Be good do good.


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