Woop Woop. Lock me in Watamu and throw away the keys.

I consider myself an introvert but i think I’m an extrovert,depending on the company I’m around. I can be crazy, be the best dancer, be the loudest in a group and at the same time be the most reserved person in a room. Does this make me an ambivert? I don’t know. I will continue with these online tests until i figure it out, anyhow, thats a story for another day.

In my posts i told you about my amazing trip to Watamu via Gedi ruins.

Traveling is the next best thing i have realized after solitude. I usually find myself thriving in solitude and its not up until i decided to make a small random trip off to Watamu that i realized theres more to life than i had imagined in my tiny mind. A mind that I’m realizing with each new day has lot of hidden capabilities. My craft really comes out best in solitude, as it depends on it more than anything, feeds on it like everything . For me theres no better way to do what i enjoy doing most while i am all by myself in the comfort of my own skin. Solitude i came to realize exists in all people but to varying degrees as it starts with the initial days of life. “Did you know that babies routinely turn away from their parents not because they want to sleep but because they need to disengage?” something i just read the other day. Well now you know. So with seclusion comes healing, finding, discovering ourselves, what we dropped off along the way trying to impress the wrong ones, things we sacrificed for the wrong cause.

Back to Watamu, there is one beautiful world out there, a world where i came to realize there is no fear of the unknown, a world with literally endless possibilities(not Maleek Berry’s), a world with crystal clear waters, super friendly and feels like home yet you’ve never been there before . A world with each day as it comes. (sounds like paradise yeah).

Told you how i felt when i saw dolphins for the first time,(wanting to scream out mamas name and show her lifes most beautiful moments) nothing beats that feeling for me. The way they show off swimming in numbers,playing hard to spot, i was told that we were on our best luck since there were a bunch of them that day. It was like running after a beautiful girl, getting turned down each time you thought you had them (my best description). I had the fear of deep sea diving and it all went away when i saw those beautiful fishes(or is it fish,my fiance told me “there are no fishes”,sigh) for the first time, the way they rub on your skin. One had a brother living on an island in an aquarium in a five-star hotel somewhere out there. I even got to meet dory, but she was in a hurry still looking for her family, sigh.

I visited one of the most secluded private island that i never knew existed, WakaWaka Island, named after its superhot sands, where one local told me that you could literally light a ciggarete from the sand.

The guys here were the best and most welcoming crew, I’m not a fan of seafood but a grilled chicken(one that had crossed the road) was specially made for me.

These guys are responsible for the upkeep of this beautiful island and are the friendliest people you will ever come across. On top of that they have the best coffee,Italian made, and they spoke fluent Italian. Per favore and Prego are the only Italian words i am familiar with.

We were entertained to a traditional dance and only the ones who could withstand the heat would take part in the dance.

It was time to leave the island and go back home. Sigh, how time went by so quick.

All I’m trying to tell you is that once in a while visit a place that you’re not sure off, my advice, start off with Watamu, your experience will be priceless and it won’t set your pocket back that much, the vibe about this place will make you want to go back for more . You won’t regret a penny spent here. Life is what you make it. Pack a bag plan a trip. Go, work for WakaWaka (just playing with words here).

Life I’m realizing is more pleasurable when we don’t feel the need to control it. Be good do good.


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  1. Wow superb great place indeed I would love to visit some day good job I love the story you have written

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