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🎶I know the first time I saw you there, yeah

Give me love one of these days,…..

Carry, carry carry go

Na u sabi, mami, you already know.

Carry, where we carry carry go

Me, I can’t lie, oh

I like you, gal, in particular.🎶

Letter to my unborn – How I met your mother.

Once upon a time, in a far far away land, away from the responsibilities of adulthood on our way home from the madrassa somebody tripped me. We were just some innocent kids with nothing but kitaabs on our tiny fingers and chai on our minds. We used to break for lunch, and each one of us would head their way home. This one time we had to go in a group as we heard that the neighbor’s big black German shepherd was on the loose. Silently tiptoeing we made our way past the big poorly drawn mbwa kali sign on the gate, a sign that would always send chills down any kid’s spine. Woof !! Woof!!! Its everyone for himself but the little path for us all. Somebody tripped me, and the next thing I know is this most beautiful flower on top of me, with the most beautiful smile, a smile like the sun shining through the rain and at the same time sly with a mischievous expression written all over her face. We just lay there for some seconds which felt like an eternity, a beautiful eternity, our tiny hearts beating like the African drums; I could have danced to it, haha. What did we even know about love then? What did fate have in store for us? Would our paths cross again? Would we get close to each other as we did on that day?

Well, Fate has its way. Years later,our paths collide. She confesses that she was the one who had tripped me before as she had a crush on me. What to do? Let everything fall into place. I promise not to let her get away quickly as she did, this won’t last for seconds but eternity as it was meant to be. So what do I do? I decide to trip her, I put a ring on her finger, fate or is it destiny just brought us back together.

Funny how someone comes into your life and makes everything enjoyable and unique . Every little thing they do, say, is magical. Their laughter, you can’t get enough. It’s like they were born to smile because once they do, they adorn every darkness around you. You could listen to them talk all day, and still, you won’t get enough of it. The small giggles, I have tried explaining it to her with my goggles on, but she can’t seem to understand how it makes me feel, if only you could find some things on google. She’d fake another laughter trying to sound like the original every time I compliment her, but she would fail, each laughter I’m realizing is unique, and it unlocks something new within me. I have tried explaining this to her via small demonstrations drawing imaginary curves on air, but I’m sure she doesn’t see it because every time I do this she’s just there smiling and she goes blind because her eyes are super tiny. We usually have a debate on who has the most minuscule of eyes, an argument that I’m sure isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Have you seen a child laugh without a care of the unknown? That genuine laughter that gives life to everything, well I can talk about her laughter all day and write a book about it.

Now. Have you ever eaten pancakes and felt like you’re in paradise? like you’re the cake in a pan? the Peter of all pancakes? Not just your regular mortal latkes, pancakes that you could frame and hang it on the wall, a pancake that you could open a gallery and eat your sorrows away. Well, those are the types of pancakes she makes.

Her meals make me dance, some bizarre moves that I’m sure are choreographed by the ever hungry minyos in my belly, sigh.

🎶Ain’t nothing cooler than the wrong moves

When you do ’em to the right meal, the right meal🎶

She just made me discover the part of a foodie in me that I never knew existed. Let’s say she was born with a silver spoon, haha. Who even finishes the 350gm Nutella in three days? Our dream of enrolling in a gym is still there I guess. A very big lol.

I can write a lot about her, but I guess it’s something I’ll be doing with time. For now, I will count her as my blessings, twice to be precise, even though she’s one stubborn human being, she gets the best out of me.

🎶Say say say, hey hey now baby

Said let’s get one thing straight now baby……

Ooh, ooh ooh ooh been wishin’ for you

Ooh, ooh

Tryna do what lovers do ooh🎶

Be good. Do good.


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