Out of Luck

“Am getting married “

The words felt like a hot knife slicing through butter. Trains of thoughts and hurricane of emotions collided, making her hyperventilate for a minute or so. As quickly as it came, she got back to her normal self.

“What do you mean getting married? When did you adult real quick to reach there?”

“What the fuck does that even mean?”

“I’ve been thinking about it for a year now?” He replied.

“Well call me caterpillar who is refusing to change into a butterfly! Dude, have we been not talking for the past year? ”

“I mean at first I wasnt sure till last month”

“Who is the girl” I asked him with my heart still racing.

“I don’t know yet, am going to go the traditional way”

“What in the wizards of Wakanda are you talking about? ”

“You? The most liberal person I know? You? ” “Loool. I know. Its just……. ”

Everything he wrote,tore her apart. She loved that man. Like genuine love. First person who made her start believing in soul mates. He got her, and she got him. Riding on the same wavelength. Perfection, ying yang. That #relationshipgoals kinda love. Even the break up was…. Easy, caring, no tears end. And the friendship after that, blossomed. Stronger. Intense. “You’re now family” friendship. Been there for each other every major life occasions, despite the distance.

It was so good that they could share secrets of themselves to each other. Secrets the world never knew existed.

Subconsciously she missed him engulfing

her with words that always made her feel amazingly good. But now, they found a way to show each other endearment without being cliche. And now he was getting married. And she knew that was the end of them. It was bound to happen eventually no matter who got a spouse earlier. Coz no partner would have been comfortable with their friendship. She knew one day it will end,but not this soon.

As days went by, she tried brushing it off. The more she tried burying it under work and social life, the more she lashed out to people around her. The self realization that she was punishing herself for the inevitable, gave her the the final push to letting go. True love never dies, and just because you love each other doesn’t mean you are bound to be together.

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