Loose lips sink ships is something I’ve heard said on one or more occasion thus probably why sailors hold a reputation of having the most vulgar and coarse language. They tend to be rowdy and are often involved in drunken bar brawls when they make port. Alongside being scandalous lovers akin to long-distance truck drivers, their devil may care attitude may be attributed to the fact that at a point in history almost a third of the crew on a ship was buried at sea. A dangerous occupation although one may argue a majority of them were on the run from terrestrial demons, perhaps all the fables of sea monsters did not point to the certitude that probably the devils were pretty adept swimmers.

A particular breed of sailors are the pirates of the Caribbean majority of whom were actually naval officers sanctioned by her majesty’s the queen of Britain government to loot Spanish vessels as privateers: a medieval trade war. On the surface, they seem a bunch of, but on close inspection, one finds that discipline is a core trait of the more successful companies, plus the benefits were equally shared in spite of rank as opposed to other official outfits that relied on wages thus spoils in the latter were skewed top to bottom.

The threat of violence is key to the code of honor among thieves. This is how criminals who by virtue are serpents are able to collaborate. It is not just the rudimentary use of brutality that poised one to higher ranks, but how far one is willing to go that is to say a scoundrel that merely used his fists to settle scores is less feared than one who resorts to cloak and dagger wars, but a more sinister villain has a clique so loyal as to do the dirty deeds for them without fear or hesitation. These sorts tend to be alpha males but even they from time to time get tested any glimpse of weakness doesn’t go unnoticed.

Aside from murder, a challenger to authority may be subjected to less fatal punishment or humiliation to humble them enough to be a productive adherent. Some crimes were punitive for example larceny, but acts of insubordination were remedied by flogging or starvation, maybe even shunning and demotion or rank.

One interesting, pardon me I meant horrendous form is keelhauling, where an offender was tied to a rope that was looped beneath the vessel, thrown overboard on one side of the ship and dragged under the ship’s keel( either of two parts: a structural element resembling a fin that protrudes below a boat along the central line; or a hydrodynamic element. These parts overlap). The culprit is either pulled from one side of the ship to the other, starboard to port perhaps or the length of the vessel from bow to stern if you like.

“mwenda tezi na omo, marejeo ni ngamani.” ~ KISWAHILI PROVERB.

The above-stated event resulted in a death sentence or torture so severe it permanently maimed. The bottom of the ship is covered in barnacles leading to lacerations and most probably drowning. Thus a sailor’s worst nightmare is a boat keeling over and a famous maritime quip after ‘shiver me timbers’ and snarling is the adage: the captain goes down with the ship. This is because his or her attachment to a man-of-war or floating bucket is supposed to be so strong that they were conjoined twins where one is buried in the other as a corpse and casket. This may, in fact, be in a line of the view that a commander must try all they can to win a battle while preserving the lives of his charges or in this case save the ship or ensure at least every person on board is off the vessel before they disembark. By so doing they retain the respect of their underlings, more so since persons sailing under the skull and bones black banner often tend to be damaged goods, neglected archetypes that lacked a father figure.

Of course, the opposite of losing a ship is gaining another one coupled with the promotion of rank to that of a Commodore which is bestowed on one with a fleet. What else would reward your second in command, a loyal first-mate than their own domain? My question to you is quite simple, are you captain of your ship yet? *BON VOYAGE!*

Via Sir Alan


New New ; “Service be our earnest endeavor”

” Two things I ask of you, O Lord;
do not refuse me before I die:
Keep falsehood and lies far from me;
but give me only my daily bread.
otherwise, I may have too much and disown you
and say, ‘ who is the Lord?’
Or I may become poor and steal
and so dishonor the name of the God.
Do not slander a servant to his master
or he will curse you, and you will pay for it.

The antonym for this piece is probably for all intents and purposes ‘same old’. It is not quite an original thought of yours truly but I only recently came to that realization. Even though the sobriquet of the antagonist in the romance theme in rapper T.I of the ‘ I invented trap music’ trope, debut flick ATL is New new, it is while writing this I find her character an antithesis in that even though she comes from money and got her agnomen because her clothes and what not were always new, as in fifth avenue New york or Rodeo drive california store bought brand new, she insisted on going to the same school in the hood her father had clawed and clamored out of. Here was a creature with the option of having a better childhood experience than her parents but instead chose willingly to go through what her father went through in the gist of keeping it real.
It’s a movie but for a teenager,it retrospectively sounds enlightened but on first glance looks stupid if not ungrateful.
In light of the above I wonder what unbridled accumulation of wealth portends if it cannot or will not be used to satiate our desires and that of our loved ones. This is in juxtaposition of the mega scandals in my country in which corruption is now infamously now seen as an art-form although there is nothing elegant in the schemes which are more or less smash and grab. I am more intrigued by what the monies pilfered will buy and whether there are consequences to these actions. I am a big fan of poetic justice and I tend to believe the children of the looters will probably not be bedridden but will be socially awkward people who feel or have to be the one buying drinks in order to have friends. I say so since it is not in my nature to wish anyone ill.

A million shillings in cash or in the bank is a pipe-dream for at least 99% of the citizen of Kenya. It may not seem much to the top 1% of which I’m most likely situated but to one is not frivolous a quarter of that amount can afford you a two bed-roomed corrugated iron sheet bungalow on a 1/8 of an acre just 30km away from the capital city’s CBD in Kitengela, the remainder of that sum could subsidize your daily needs for a decade, but as the legendary poetic thespian American Christopher Wallace postulated “more money, more problems“.

Therefore every time a scam worth billions is unearthed my thoughts wanders to persons on the fringes such as a middle aged man who has never seen the inside of a classroom or a bitumen paved road and sustained themselves via herding other peoples cattle. Whether they can relate to the quoted figures or is it only us the elites who can readily be envious of the inane things the loot could afford us. In conjecture perhaps the herdsmen in the northern frontier view our comforts with a hint of jealousy or maybe quite the opposite they pity us for need of all this trinkets to be whole that is a roof over our heads while they get a galaxy of stars.
I read the verses in the beginning with apprehension since I understand to an extent the philosophy of the here and now but as a humanoid differentiated from other beasts I seek a buffer against the unknown, the tomorrow even though it may never come. With the knowledge of what has transpired that is to say yesterday, whether good or bad, what is yet to come seems to have a greater hold on us and even seeks a ransom.
Anyway before I founder and end up ‘ circulus probando‘ let’s finish with a devious quote.
Those who say money can’t buy happiness obviously don’t know where to shop“.

~Sir Alan Leo

Unravel… This way? That way?

Ever sat down and question your purpose in this universe, like where you’re headed, every step of your journey, if things are taking shape and all that?

I’ve been trying to figure this for quite some time now. I never got the chance to tell you about my second tragic accident, how I survived it, only He knows. I believe there’s a reason to it, this not being the first time I cheated on death, you know about my first accident.

Ever felt like you’re an instrument, in an experiment of some sort? Reason you come across certain people in life and how you influence their behavior vice versa? Ever felt like you’re Frank from sausage party or some character in a movie given that if a book or show was based on your life it’d be a bestseller?

I try finding the most exhilarating event of my life either through people and through the journey of whom I’m meant to be.

Who’s even sure of what they’re supposed to become? Sometimes we hide, pretend and we keep ourselves busy trying to distract our minds but we can never ignore that voice calling inside us. A voice that is only distinctively meant for us.

Most of the the times we crave aliveness and fulfillment in people and in the process we find ourselves wasting energy and heartache continually chasing the things that will fill us up.

We’re the ones in charge of our destiny by the choices we make each day. This one time I lost my identity through social media, something I never talked about only to realize it can destroy someone if not carefully managed. I’ll talk about this in my next piece.

Surrounding ourselves with the things we love and engaging in desired activities really has an effect.

There’s nothing better than kickstarting each day with the ability to fully express yourself and inspire those around you. In doing so setting values for yourself and honoring them. Stand for something and let it push you daily. Through this you’ll get rid of the mediocre, the ordinary, people’s expectations and opinions.

You’re allowed to be a badass once in a while, you don’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea, or going with the programmed theme of society with misguided teachings and mindsets that will push you off track .

I try orienting my life to what excites me and looking for adventure that I feel calls from within.

The next hour isn’t guaranteed, leave alone tomorrow. Set yourself out and go knocking down each boundary you’ve created and help others along the way find their potential.

Ask yourself what’s stopping you from being happy and work on getting rid of it. Remember everything you come across and going through is preparing you for something big, let every lesson be worth it and don’t forget to be grateful. And pray and pray and pray.

Be good do good.

Trying to relate….. I like you…..

I like you but I don’t like the world you live in. I don’t like you but I like how your world feels. Yes, people in their twenties where this statement applies well. 

Friday evening, I’m outside the house reading as I wait for dinner, my neighbor is making enchilada and I wouldn’t miss it for a thing in the world. (told you I’m a serious foodie). My phone rings. Mrembo x is in town, (by x I don’t mean my ex girlfriend, it’s a pseudonym for this article). She tells me she wants to link up as she’s in town only for the night, tricky tricky situation, I’ll have to forego the dinner. What to do? I agree to pick her up in an hour. I notify my neighbor that I won’t be in for dinner and she’s shocked as well 😂. I just tell her to save me some for later.

Fifty minutes later I’m at this girl’s address picking her up. (The thing is we have never met before. Just friends, we’ve been exchanging books from Nairobi to Mombasa ). Out comes a beautiful young lady nicely dressed and with a big smile worn on her face. “Hello I’m x, nice to finally meet you Moulidy.” Off we go. Destination English point Marina.

 I’m casually dressed in a grey oversized tee, a short and slippers. On the other hand she’s fully dressed for a prom night. I didn’t get the full memo it seems. I thought it was just another night. We place our orders. She wants the best wine in the house. I just get myself a simple cocktail. Five minutes later the waiter is at our table with the order. Pours the wine nicely, sticks around for another five minutes which seemed like eternity offering his expert opinion on the different types of wines, how to tell a good one, blah blah…..

We have the most shallow of conversations talking deep stuff with no sense and just laughing uncontrollably. Sigh. Food comes but she only takes a bite and she’s full. This is interesting now. I ask the waiter to pack it up for a takeaway. Another thirty minutes of blank conversation and our uber guy is outside waiting. I drop her off at her place with nothing but enchilada on my head.

I get home feast on my enchilada and forget about the night #ntgif (not thanking god it was Friday). 

Well this is just another story of my twenties. I don’t know her story and I don’t want to be rude but I think people should hold down into their own. What are we normally upto. I have flirted with Mrembo X for quite sometime online, had those imaginary babies during the “baby making weather.” Declaring her love. I just wanted the books. Maybe she wanted something, maybe she wanted my books, maybe my world. I don’t know. She hit me up days later saying she had the best time. Well, okeiy.

Imagine the world where we are all concerned with what people think of us and if they like us and how much better we feel when they do love us and how we don’t want to have to actually be in our bodies but rather parade them around looking perfect.

Oh wait. Right.

We live in the world. You and me and all the other pots calling the kettles black.

We get to create what the experience is like for ourselves.

We live in the world. There’s not much we can do to change that fact except not live in the world and that choice seems grim. We live in the world and we live in our bodies and the capacity to love is great. It’s so great that we don’t even have to do anything about it except acknowledge it and ask it to sit down for a glass of wine.It has a dog’s nose and can smell shit a mile away so don’t worry about that.

Hold down into your own. Be good.

The Zodiac Disposition 

So we’re having a chitchat over lunch break  with my colleague Mr Mutai, a very awkward topic pops up, on guys having a sign to show that they share the same responsibilities with their better halves,  when it comes to pregnancy. Denno argues that it’d be fair to the ladies if guys had something say a “nundu” (hump) on their backs for a period of five months, I suggest a hallow on their heads during this time, you get the picture .. haha. Anyway the article isn’t about this topic again nor the sumptuous looking meal below 😋.

To those of you who know me by now know about my obsession with the zodiac. Lets say I just do it for fun when bored. But I went a step ahead and enrolled for some online classes. Took a step even further and started studying the natal charts when I met some Leo lady along my way. Most of the time I’d characterize people based on their signs and today I’ll talk about the ladies I’ve dated based on their zodiac personas. 

*They’re all amazing in their own ways and these are just my views*




The twins. I call her the ticking time bomb, the loud one, the wild one etc. This one has a lot of names, I can’t name them all. Twin personality, very confusing, one moment you think you know and the next 🤦🏽‍♂️. I never knew much about this lady. She could easily blend with everything she came across, a social butterfly she was and everyday she was a different person. Let’s just say she was a hurricane compared to my jet-stream steadiness personality. While I was trying to find balance in everything she was there doing her best to tip off the scales, on whichever side she deemed fun. But you all know what happens when there’s no equilibrium, I hope one day I’ll be able to understand and see the other side of your teachings. Be good.



This one wrote the book of love, still writing that book of love and emotions. The most caring highly motivated individual I’ve come across. She breaths love, speaks love, and sees love in everything. This one pushes me around, very fluid in her emotions. Her crab like nature always going with the tides and does little to affect the scales. She brings balance given her impeccable intuition and really a big fan of the indoors( a plus plus ) though at times she comes forward as hysterical and needs enough emotional security in her life. Well 🤷🏽‍♂️ there’s nothing much to say about you right now.



The lioness. What can I say about this one? All that glitters, her cup of tea. This one would spend an hour in the bathroom (sorry it was really annoying) so I had to ensure I’d be the first to hit the shower every morning not to be late for work. She’d take an extra 30 minutes for selfies ( I’m not complaining ) and she had all the cosmetics you never heard off (Sigh). The good thing is that whenever she stepped outside she’d catch everyone’s attention wherever she went.

Attention! Deny her this and you’ve suffocated and denied her the world mate. Something that led to our ship hitting the iceberg. This one night out I couldn’t let her take selfies with my phone and my brother you guess what happened next. She was the life of the party, the night life was her scene. Zumbalela, her energy when it came to the outdoors was second to none. Her adventurous side was always there tipping over the scales. Good thing you made me go back to reading and writing. Be good. Just settle down with one person for now.



Hmmmmmmm!!! Very unpredictable, always ready to fly off the handle at any given time. But this one is a magician. An intelligent ram she is. Intellectually we’d get along perfectly, always laughing at people’s grammar mistakes. She was very feisty and mind bending, very quick to anger and to her everything was a debate in which she had to come out as a winner. I found myself treading careful with this one and it really did tip off my scale. Always focused in the intricate details and  passionate about every little thing that she termed “cute”.

Sometimes I wish she could slow down so I’d catch up with her ramyfied pace. Always after the ultimate pleasure in life and very temperamental. Just slow down and pick up the 📌, a Brother destroyed his whole haystack to get it. Sigh. 🤦🏽‍♂️ 



Harshly critical. Harshly critical. Harshly critical. Perfectionist in everything. Very reserved and sometimes I used to think she had no emotions at all, Sigh.

This lady flew from Arusha to Mombasa to drag me out of a Sauti-Sol concert at midnight. Huyu hataki mchezo wallahy. Very opinionated which led to the tip off the scales, something I never told her.

But the best thing about her was her reliability when it came to talking, she was always there for her friends and family( a plus plus in a libras world ).

But the Virgo is always a Virgo . My advice lighten up kidogo sometime the world isn’t conspiring against you. Put some of that pure energy into good use.

The scales are there, well balanced. Aquarius, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Libra, Capricorn, Taurus oi oi …. who knows, seven more to go, haha. Let’s see where the tides get me. 🤷🏽‍♂️😅.

In all honesty though, I’m getting to learn things along the way. Be good do good. Feel free to write my story 😁.

Disclaimer; If the hats fit 🤷🏽‍♂️




*l’histoire de ma vie. ( via G-translate )*



Why is the weed growing on your sleeve? Why is there grass on your spoon? Why is a tree growing on your doorstep? Why are there bags under your eyes?


“Moulidy why have you stopped writing?”

“I haven’t stopped writing,I just don’t post it as much as I used to. I write for myself ”

Someone I look up to when it comes to writing just told me this words. She was a good writer, she still is a good writer. You should get to read her work. But her words will leave you on the edge of a cliff, wanting more. I tried my best to convince her to get back into writing, again, this were here words  “I’m my own audience, I write for myself”. 

Trust me I’ll go out of my way and eat meat to see her work again, Sigh. 

Anyway, this isn’t about her. This is about my first paragraph. The weed, that big tree, those bags, the grass and that big cloud blocking your view, obstructing each single ray coming your way. 

They say every cloud has a silver lining, why not open your eyes and see through it. The grass growing shouldn’t stop you from polishing that spoon, who knows it might be a silver spoon. Why not chop down that tree and make a door of opportunity. Why let the weed grow on your sleeve while it’s your heart that’s supposed to be there.

This one’s for your soul. You think you have too much darkness in your world praying for light, forgetting that there are stars above you. Open your eyes, don’t just carry those bags down there. Light will come when it’s intended to. When the time is right. Right now just enjoy the view while you can. The stars won’t be there forever. Squeeze away those thoughts.

What do you call a cold hotdog? I just read this in the morning and I couldn’t stop laughing. 

Some things will never lose their identity no matter the situation. Stay on your path, don’t try drift away into the unknown.

What do you call a frozen watermelon? 

All I’m trying to say is enjoy each moment of your life, the ups and downs and the in betweens. You’re a universe. The world is a part of you and not the other way round.

I just had one too many cups of coffee today, my colleague told me it’s international coffee day (who comes up with these things) we just couldn’t stop ourselves. I had to pick up a pen and put some life into these words during my lunch break session, doing this I had to forego biriani which is a Friday norm here in Mombasa. (Ukikula something else apart from biriani on a Friday Boss unachekwa)

Let these words put some air into your world in return.

If you get to know my friend just tell her to go back into sharing her work with the world. The universe needs it. I promise you’ll love her work. And to you my friend if you’re reading this,(I wish I could post a link of your work here on this piece of paper,Sigh) Just get back here and share your work, for the hundredth time asking.

Hey you universe. Wake up . Get that pruning saw, trim down those weeds, mow the grass, get an axe chop down that tree already or make a ladder out of its branch and enjoy its fruits. Put on some shades in the darkness stand under that cloud and enjoy the rain. The sun will rise tomorrow and you’ll love the rainbow. Just look at the stars, pluck an orange from that tree paint it blue and confuse the world. You’re the world . Be good do good.

**Title inspired by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s story**

Just keep swimming 

It took me a whole year to make a decision on watching this movie,and when I finally did last night I was glued to my screen,no flipping through my phone or any other stuff,just on finding dory, I didn’t really expect all that.Well, I wasn’t intending to watch it in the first place but since I hadn’t make my monthly internet payment it was the only movie on my machine that I could watch offline 🤦‍♂️ .

It happens sometimes. We find things, and things find us. Anyway after watching this movie I noticed there are a lot of things we can learn from it. Most of them might be generic but I think it’s good to be reminded. Because even if we’ve already heard it before, doesn’t mean we already know it.

I came through this few points some shared by other users online and they did hit home from my point of view.

Favorite part *•* hank’s role at the end credits*•*and the sea lion scene*•* 😁

When you want something, give something.

The part when Dory got lost was quite depressing. She tried to ask anyone she bumps into for help but nobody even tries. Until he found Marlin. It’s a scene in the prequel Finding Nemo where Marlin was crying for help because his son Nemo was taken. And you know the rest, Dory helps Marlin find Nemo.

So when the time came, Dory wanted to find her parents, and Marlin and Nemo were there to help.

We all want something, but we should remember that life is not all about taking. We may have cried for help before and got nothing. But that shouldn’t stop us from helping others.

“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give” -Winston Churchill

There’s always another way

Dory’s parents may have looked like the simplest parents, but they always taught her the best lessons. This is a combination of persistence and creativity.

Things doesn’t always go the way we plan it, and sometimes it’s just completely different. Taking action itself is a hard work – You want something, you take action, then you fail. It’s just demotivating. But taking action is not just trying or doing one thing. Because there’s always another way.

What would Dory do?

Nemo and Marline were almost on deadend when trying to look for Dory. Until Nemo asked, “What would Dory do?”

As you know, Dory suffers from short-term memory loss. She easily forgets what’s going on. The result – she forgot thinking too much. Instead she focuses on what’s happening, and what can she do about it. No overthinking.

This is something we all need. A lot of times when were about to do something big, we get flooded by what if’s, and deep analization of things. We turn to the past for reference, and to the future for worries. But the best thing is always to turn to the present. What can you do, in this very moment?

“Do you know how we found you? We were having a really hard time until Nemo said, ‘What would Dory do?’” – Marlin

Just keep swimming

This may be the shortest and most generic lesson but it’s something that we should never forget.

We get knocked out, life shits on us – When life gets you down , do you know what you’ve gotta do? Just keep swimming.

Follow your seashells

“I love seashells” – Dory

Dory loved seashells like her mother. Because of her condition, her parents always displayed a path of seashells to their house. So whenever she gets lost, she knows where to go back to.

But the seashells also represents what Dory loved – what she wanted. And it was always what guided her all along. She’s gone to places and has been lost for a long time but it’s what she wanted that helped her find the way. They’re what taught her the lesson that…

“You can do whatever you put your mind to”


Dory suffers from short term memory loss. Wait, did I already tell you that? Did I forget again? Haha!

She might have that condition but, it didn’t stop her from finding her parents. Because everything is just about how you perceive it. It’s you who can decide whether you can do something or not. When you’ve really decided on something, the universe will know; and it’s decided.

If you can count well, that’s just six. Let’s make that seven.